Redefining what vulnerability management means

At Delve, our mission is simple:
redefining what vulnerability management means by delivering an intelligent, autonomous vulnerability management platform that won't add more work, cost or headcount to our clients’ organizations.

Founded by former pen testers and machine learning experts, Delve’s mission is to leverage the power of AI to remove as much manual effort as possible from vulnerability management operations, greatly simplifying one of the most critical elements of enterprise information security. 

Key to this objective is Delve’s exclusive Contextual Vulnerability Prioritization, the only vulnerability prioritization method that delivers meaningful vulnerability prioritization unique to each network, enabling cyber security and IT teams to reduce vulnerability risk while minimizing remediation activity. Delve was founded in 2014 and has offices in Montreal, New York, and San Francisco.

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“Delve’s results are about 95% consistent with the pen testing we’ve done, so there’s no reason to pay for a pen test anymore...it’s a tremendously effective product.”

~ Network System Administrator

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“We like how the contextual prioritization allows us to work on what matters most...and the dashboard gives stakeholders what they want: where do we stand in vulnerability security relative to other companies…”

~ Head of Security

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“One of the things we liked about Delve was how easy it was to set-up and run versus another product we tried. Within the first day of using Delve, we had valuable, actionable data...and Delve’s contextual prioritization gives us the high value targets to go after first. Before Delve, our prioritization was very manual.”

~ Network Administrator


Founded by former pen testers to develop a platform that thinks like a hacker


First AI-driven vulnerability prioritization solution in the industry