Redefining what vulnerability management means

At Delve, our mission is simple:
redefining what vulnerability management means by delivering an intelligent, autonomous platform that won't add more work, cost or headcount to our clients’ organizations.

When launching the company, Delve’s founders were driven by the unfortunate reality that was the conventional vulnerability management landscape, a reality dominated by the same few vendors for more than a decade, and characterized by the community’s collective lack of innovation.  Sadly, large, capable and even bleeding edge customers would often scan less than 50% of their networks, and even then, would be confronted with thousands - sometimes millions - of vulnerabilities, with very little insight into the best approach to remediate.

With experience in pen testing, big data, machine learning, and SaaS, the founders created Delve to bring modern technology to the stale vulnerability management space, ultimately creating the first platform to provide a unified, autonomous solution that delivers everything from asset discovery and multi-facet vulnerability assessment and management, to AI-based prioritization and remediation.


Founded by former pen testers to develop a platform that thinks like a hacker


First AI-driven vulnerability prioritization solution in the industry