AI-Based, Context-Driven Network Asset Ranking

Batea Live by Delve


Enterprise networks house thousands of assets (IoT devices, servers, laptops, etc.), some of which present particularly ripe targets for bad actors.  Over the course of years of experience, the best pen testers can find these "outstanding" assets.

Delve  has developed an open-source tool that encapsulates the accumulated knowledge of experienced pen testers, and combines that expertise with advanced machine learning to automate the process by which accomplished pen testers -and bad actors - find the most interesting assets...the “Gold Nuggets.” 

The tool - named “Batea Live” - is available online for free use, and requires only your network’s Nmap scan results to yield “Gold Nuggets” in 3 easy steps:

  1. Run Nmap e.g ‘nmap -A -oX output.xml’
  2. Upload results to Batea Live
  3. Get your top "Gold Nuggets"


Using Batea Live

Using an XML Nmap scans report as input, and a specially crafted numerical representation of the network internally, Batea Live uses anomaly detection methods trained on Delve’s own data as the core of its ranking algorithm to filter in "outstanding" assets, just like a gold prospector uses a pan to separate gold nuggets from sand.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected]