Vulnerability Management Blog

Jeff Hill
August 13, 2020

To understand risk based vulnerability management, it’s first important to appreciate the history of vulnerability management, and how the concept of risk based vulnerability management evolved.

Delve Labs Team
August 10, 2020

Though summer is advancing at a fast pace, the holidays didn't slow our progress, and we're excited to share some new product updates from the last few weeks. We're excited about several new features directly out...

Delve Labs Team
July 28, 2020

Given that more than half of all breaches can be traced to, or involve in some way, an unpatched vulnerability, the process of prioritizing vulnerability remediation is key to ultimately reducing the vulnerability risk of...

Pierre-David Oriol & Serge-Olivier Paquette
July 13, 2020

  This blog post is the first in a series of articles (read the second in the series here) that describes in great detail our approach to vulnerability prioritization. In this article, we introduce general...

Eric Boivin
June 22, 2020

It is a pleasure to bring you today's edition of our product features update. The last weeks have kept us very busy working on some important roadmap items. We have welcomed many new clients and...