A Shared AI Vision Turned into Reality

Delve has partnered with the world's most security conscious companies who share our AI vision to change the way vulnerabilities are being discovered, prioritized and remediated.

Optimizing patching activities to maximize risk reduction.

With more than 2,000 public-facing assets exposed on many different IP ranges across multiple data centers, the Desjardins Group can’t afford the luxury of a manual vulnerability management process. The company manages more than C$260 billion in assets for over 7 million clients, and has a highly dynamic and decentralized infrastructure with scores of web-facing assets, making a traditional approach to vulnerability management untenable. Delve’s AI-driven vulnerability product continuously scans Desjardins’ infrastructure, eliminating the need for manual scheduling and time-consuming false-positive filtering, saving countless security team hours. And, with Delve’s AI-driven, contextualized prioritization, the Desjardins IT team patches only the vulnerabilities that pose a demonstrable risk to the organization, optimizing patching activities to maximize risk reduction.

Delve gives us the tool we need to optimize our critical vulnerability operations and automate a host of previously manual activities. No other product available today can do that.

Intelligent false-positive filtering eliminates manual activity

With a limited IT staff, Luxemburg’s Computer Incident Response Center could not afford a traditional approach to vulnerability management. Manually scheduling and running scans, sifting through false positives, and then determining which of the many vulnerabilities to prioritize by hand was not a luxury they could afford. With Delve’s AI-driven vulnerability management solution, continuous scanning and intelligent false-positive filtering eliminate manual activity for the CIRCL team, while Delve’s AI/context-driven prioritization does the remediation strategy heavy lifting, enabling CIRCL to optimize their resources to reduce vulnerability risk.

We just don’t have the resources to manually address our vulnerability risk. With Delve, that’s no longer an issue for us.

DelveAI eliminates the need to hire large security team

Providing real estate transaction data and associated products to financial and government organizations across North America, JRL operates a complex network to service its 15,000-plus users.  Securing that network using conventional vulnerability management products would require a sizable resource commitment, especially in light of the company’s growth. Delve’s modern, AI-driven VA solution automates continuous scanning, asset discovery, false-positive filtering, and ranks all vulnerabilities by their risk as determined by more than 30 factors and Delve’s AI engine.  The result: a more secure network with minimal IT and security resources.

Delve could deliver the vulnerability mitigation program we need without have to hire an army of dedicated security experts.

Scaling security operations as the business experiences rapid growth

Given the potentially lucrative target they present, Financial Services organizations are among the most diligent when it comes to cyber security, and Flinks is no exception. With a sea of sensitive customer and other data, Flinks requires 24/7/365 vulnerability visibility, and has turned to Delve to help provide it. Delve’s continuous scanning and AI-driven, context-based prioritization enables Flinks to focus on pro-active security activities, and Delve’s AI engine nearly eliminates the need for resources to chase false positives. Prioritizing remediation efforts based on AI-based analysis of Flink’s network environment and nearly 3 dozen other factors means Flink’s security team is patching the highest risk vulnerabilities first, helping their security operation scale as the business experiences rapid growth.

Security is Flinks' biggest concern, so partnering with the best suppliers is the only way to go, which is why we chose Delve Labs.