Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs)

are using Delve to provide their customers an effective and
cost-efficient vulnerability management service.

If you’re an Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) currently offering your customers a vulnerability management service, or would like to add one to your service portfolio, join other MSSPs leveraging Delve’s platform advantages:

  • All-in-one solution:  discovery, machine scanning, web application security testing, automated vulnerability prioritization, and remediation planning in one software solution
  • Autonomous, intelligent scanning means our AI-driven scanning triggers automatically when new threats are identified, lowering your costs while improving your customers’ cyber security
  • Delve’s exclusive Contextual Prioritization, providing a meaningful, 100% automated list of ranked remediation priorities based on over 40 internal and external factors and Delve’s AI engine
  • MSSP-friendly architecture:  multi-tenant, multi-customer, allowing MSSPs to easily deploy, track and report on multiple customers
  • A machine-learning based vulnerability management platform that leverages the collective knowledge and actions of all customers in the Delve ecosystem to constantly improve discovery and scanning, remediation decision-making, and reduce false positives.  In short, when one Delve customer learns, everyone benefits.
  • Flexible and MSSP-friendly pricing model that adapts to your business, not the other way around

Learn how our intelligent, all-in-one vulnerability management solution
can improve your customers’ infosec posture, and improve your bottom line.

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