Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs)

are using Delve to provide their customers an effective and
cost-efficient vulnerability management service.

If you’re an Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) currently offering your customers a vulnerability management service, or would like to add one to your service portfolio, join other MSSPs leveraging Delve’s platform advantages:

  • All-in-one solution:  discovery, machine scanning, web application security testing, automated vulnerability prioritization, and remediation planning in one software solution
  • Autonomous, intelligent scanning means our AI-driven scanning triggers automatically when new threats are identified, lowering your costs while improving your customers’ cyber security
  • Delve’s exclusive Contextual Prioritization, providing a meaningful, 100% automated list of ranked remediation priorities based on over 40 internal and external factors and Delve’s AI engine
  • MSSP-friendly architecture:  multi-tenant, multi-customer, allowing MSSPs to easily deploy, track and report on multiple customers
  • A machine-learning based vulnerability management platform that leverages the collective knowledge and actions of all customers in the Delve ecosystem to constantly improve discovery and scanning, remediation decision-making, and reduce false positives.  In short, when one Delve customer learns, everyone benefits.
  • Flexible and MSSP-friendly pricing model that adapts to your business, not the other way around

Learn how our intelligent, all-in-one vulnerability management solution
can improve your customers’ infosec posture, and improve your bottom line.

“We just don’t have the resources to manually address our vulnerability risk. With Delve, that’s no longer an issue for us.”

~ Incident Handling & Operations Manager

“Delve delivers the vulnerability mitigation program we need without having to hire an army of dedicated security experts.”

~ IT Director

“For us, using an innovative AI based vulnerability assessment tool is a no-brainer in order to optimize our operations, and get a real-time view of our security.”


“Delve’s results are about 95% consistent with the pen testing we’ve’s a tremendously effective product.”

~ Network System Administrator

“We like how the contextual prioritization allows us to work on what matters most...and the dashboard gives stakeholders what they want: where do we stand in vulnerability security relative to other companies…”

~ Head of Security

“One of the things we liked about Delve was how easy it was to set-up and run versus another product we tried. Within the first day of using Delve, we had valuable, actionable data...and Delve’s contextual prioritization gives us the high value targets to go after first. Before Delve, our prioritization was very manual.”

~ Network Administrator

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