PLATFORM - Vulnerability Management Process

The Power of DelveAI

Vulnerability Management Powered and Prioritized by DelveAI™

Delve Asset Discovery
  • Automates asset discovery using AI algorithms and a self-improving expert system
  • Sees and scans every asset across the network that might be exposed internally or externally
  • Includes devices, machines, servers, and web applications - eliminating the need for additional web application security testing products.
See Everything
Delve Scanning & Identification
  • Automates scanning on every asset discovered across the network
  • Delve autonomously scans all IT assets including devices, machines, servers, and web applications
  • Eliminates the need for other scanning tools.
Scan Intelligently & Autonomously
Delve Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Machine Learning engine for false-positive pre-identification
  • Contextualized prioritization to understand what’s important
Intelligently Prioritize Risk
Delve Remediation Management
  • Delve also prioritizes the vulnerability remediation steps so organizations can remediate faster and more effectively.
  • Delve’s risk-aware remediation recommender analyzes the actions that should be taken to reduce overall corporate risk and prioritizes next steps.
  • The solution also organizes work into remediation packages for end users to drive operational efficiency.
Remediate faster