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Risk Based Vulnerability Management Product Update

Though summer is advancing at a fast pace, the holidays didn't slow our progress, and we're excited to share some new product updates from the last few weeks. We're excited about several new features directly out of our R&D labs, as well as improvements in key areas of the product that provide more remediation transparency and agility.  On to the details...

New Science Means New Prioritization Factors

The R&D team here at Delve is constantly working to improve our exclusive contextual prioritization, the first scalable, automated risk-based VM solution on the market.  As such, a new important factor is now live for all Delve clients:

  • The Vulnerability Trends Score (VTS)

It is now one of the 40+ factors we use to continuously prioritize your vulnerabilities in context, not only keeping track of what's happening in your environment, but also which new vulnerabilities are trending, and which are likely to be exploited.

As transparency with respect to our Machine Learning approach is paramount to us, we have published extensive descriptions of the VTS.


Prioritize your AWS Inspector Vulnerabilities

Delve now fully integrates with existing AWS Inspector installations! This allows you to bring existing AWS asset and vulnerability data into Delve, and use our contextual prioritization on vulnerabilities across multiple cloud-native or traditional environments continuously!

Looking to activate this new feature? Simply log into Delve and navigate to your Settings > Connectors and add a new AWS Inspector connector on a new API Client.

Improved Remediation Management

As the Delve team focuses on helping VM teams accelerate remediation efforts through existing ticketing system integrations, the remediation view has gotten a substantial facelift with a number of new features allowing you to:

  • View the relative (%) and absolute health score impact of your plan, making it easy to estimate the remediation efficiency of your plan before executing it.
  • Drill-down on the scoring of the vulnerabilities inside this plan.
  • Add notes (supporting markdown) & set deadlines on remediation plans.
  • Directly view active, fixed or snoozed vulnerabilities, and even false-positives from inside the plan.
  • Identify all assets (websites & servers) affected by the plan.

Other New Features

  • New prioritization factors now display direct links to CVE discussions from online communities (OSINT) and soon Dark Web platforms.
  • The Delve dashboard metrics can now be consumed directly through the public API.
  • Bulk scanning options are now available through the public API on Servers and Websites.
  • More product tours have been added to Delve.

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